Struggling To Feed Her Kids, Hard-Working Mom Gets Called to See Boss

Uncategorized | August 26, 2018

1. Working Mom

Tanna Marino was a mother of four children living in Cypress, Texas. As she would modestly describe herself, Tanna was but a small town girl. However, beneath her calm demeanor, Tanna was working hard, for long hours, in order to support her family.

tanna mr appliance


Though she took everything in stride, Tanna had hit a standstill. Her family’s budget was tight and getting tighter. Things were spiraling out of control. But as hope faded, little did she know everything was about to change in a way she never expected.

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Ida Lee

Ida Lee

Ida Lee thrives on providing never before seen content. She studied history at Stanford and lives to provide detailed events of the past that mainstream media failed to bring to light.

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