How to get a flight attendant’s contact information after the fact?

I suspect I’m in the minority here in desperately wanting a flight attendant’s contact information without creepy intent.

I wrote about my AMAZING Singapore Airlines flight a couple of days ago, and I figured the smile would eventually be wiped off my face. Well, after having a couple of days to think it over, I’ve decided that out of the two million “butt in seat” miles I’ve flown (I just turned 22 — how sad is that?), this was the best flight of my life by a mile. The crazy thing is that Monday, the day of my flight, was one of the worst days for me in recent memory due to some issues I was dealing with, so when I boarded the Singapore Airlines flight I kind of said to myself “great, I’ll sleep it off and hopefully feel better,” but I didn’t actually think my frown would turn into a smile in a matter of minutes. It’s funny how things happen sometimes.

Not only was it a great flight, but Wong Chin, the amazing flight attendant, kind of inspired me. I’m not into sharing good deeds (it kind of ruins the “goodness” of them if they’re talked about, in my opinion), but I’ve already found myself trying to apply the “Wong Chin” method in a couple of ways. Either way, I now have her card on my desk, and it has made me smile the past two mornings.

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